(#@*^, it's fun!)

  Players: 2
  Price: $25.00
  Contents: Board, 6 "Bob" Tokens, 6 Pink Family Members, 6 "Bob" Dice
  Availability: Sold out.

The official game of OverMen everywhere; "Bob"ball! offers the perfect combination of awesome and balls in a revolutionary, mind-altering format. This instant classic is a re-imagining of the longer-to-brew hit game you've heard only whispers about from another tier of consciousness.

"Bob"ball! is a game for two players. Try to save your mutant family and get them to the Pleasure Saucers before X-Day. Beware, there's only enough room for one more family. The other will be condemned to fry on Earth with the rest of the Normals.

So pull the wool over your own eyes, grab some dice, and praise "Bob" or kill him. You've never seen balls like these.




These videos below show the original demo version. Please note that the artwork has changed to the above image.