(Released in the 2015 Desktop Calendar by Fantasy Printing)
Fantasy Printing created a great calendar for 2015, and we got to have a page just for us! We decided not to let the calendar owners have all the fun so you can now view and print your own Dragon Drop.

The object of Dragon Drop is simple. KILL THE DRAGON!


  1. Lay the Dragon Drop board on a flat surface.
  2. Choose a die. It can be any die you like. We've assigned personas to our dice already that you are welcome to use.

    D20 - Raging Warrior
    D12 - Mysterious Mage
    D10 - Deadly Amazon
    D8 - Skillful Rogue
    D6 - Bumbling Halfling
    D4 - The Gnome


  1. Drop your die from at least 6 inches above the board
  2. Decide the results
  3. Hit: Die lands touching Dragon - face value is removed from Dragon's health
    Luck: Die lands touching a cavern wall causing a cave-in - deduct double the face value of your die from Dragon's health
    Miss: Die lands anywhere else - face value is deducted from your health

  4. The first to lose all health loses.

Feel free to save and print out copies of the image above by right-clicking and opening the image in a new tab. Resizing the print-out will give you varying degrees of difficulties. Good luck, dragon hunters!